Information For Your Financial Health

Offering various financial related services for individuals and small businesses.


Many ways to look out for your financial health

Tax Preparation

Doing your own taxes can be overwhelming, and there are changes to the tax code all the time. Why struggle through all of the endless bureaucracy when I can take care of that for you? I’ll find the best deductions and credits, and help you plan for next year’s taxes.


There is much that can go into preparing your accounting records properly. From simple invoice entry to bank reconciliations, we’ve got you covered. In your business, figuring out how to keep records is the last thing you need to worry about. That’s what I'm here for!


The insurance jungle can be a nightmare, with so many twists and turns. I can help navigate it and come up with the best plan for your situation.

  • Medicare
  • ACA (Marketplace)
  • Dental / Vision
  • Individual & Group

Financial Counseling

You want to be in the best place financially as you grow older and have a secure future. I can help you make that happen and can work with you on budgeting, debt management, and furnish financial tools to help your money grow for your best future.

About Me

I fell in love with the financial world over 25 years ago while working at a retirement community in Arizona, where I also drove the bus, and played Santa Claus for the residents.

Since then, I’ve worked with several companies, helping some of them start up, grow, and, in some cases, shut down.

Through all of that, I found that what I really wanted was to help people understand and grow their financial situation. I started my own company to give people a focus for their financial issues, whether it be tax-related or questions about their small business.

My mind kept going back to my days at the retirement home where I saw many instances of people who had no idea about their financial situation. So, I added financial counseling and insurance to my arsenal of tools and I enjoy bringing more knowledge and understanding to people’s financial lives. 

Join me and see how I can help you too!

Client Testimonials

"Michael, has been working with me for the last 18 years Processing my taxes. Three years ago he began to manage my books for my business and he has done an incredible job. I have referred him to my friends, clients and family members. Many of them have been with him about the same time that I have, That speaks highly of Michael. My family members have businesses and they’re so grateful that Michael has been such an asset to them.

Michael is a person of integrity, an advocate, an incredible teacher in guiding me through my finances and providing valuable advice that has increased my business revenue. He has been available to me during the year when questions have come up. I am very blessed and honored to have Michael as my tax and bookkeeper professional. My family, friends and clients would rate him the same."
Alicia M
"I recently started my own business, Michael was critical in assisting me in obtaining my LLC, setting up my bookkeeping and providing valuable resources and advice. Michael continues to manage my bookkeeping and processing taxes.

I would and will refer Michael to family , clients, and peers."
Scott E
"Enjoyed working with Michael. He is professional and responsive I highly recommend him.

It was easy to upload taxes in a secured site. I highly recommend it, especially due to COVID."
David L

Don't Wait To Get Control of Your Finances

Every day that you wait to understand your financial situation can harm you much more in the future in so many ways:

  • You keep spending money you don’t have because you don’t know what you have to spend.
  • You don’t put any money away for retirement and you end up working much longer than you would like.
  • Aside from infidelity, money and communication issues are the biggest reasons why people divorce.
  • If you don’t know where you are financially, what do you think happens when your income drops?
  • Just the feeling of confidence that you can have when looking at something to purchase makes a huge difference.

I can work with you to ease these burdens and help you go through life better equipped for life’s unexpected twists!